Privacy Policy

Coffee & Pixels Website Design (or C&P) does not track you or sell your information. C&P’s website only collects the personal information you choose to submit through the contact form on this website. Additionally, the IP address your submission comes from is associated with your submission. Be aware that communication between C&P and you takes place via email after you submit through our contact form, subject to the data handling practices of the involved email provider(s). Form submissions are first received and automatically screened for spam by Netlify, subject to Netlify’s data handling practices. Any information you provide to C&P through this website is only used by C&P to provide relevant services to you. C&P will not sell your data, and will not share it with any third party unless required by law to do so.

You have a right to request C&P delete any information you have provided through this website. Upon receipt of a written request from you, C&P will take all reasonable steps to delete C&P’s copies of the information you have provided.